Freight Railroads



Freight Railroads

Whether in high traffic sectors or dark territory, it is important to know all components on the track are working well in order to ensure safe operation. Featuring remote diagnostics and low maintenance, Frauscher train detection systems provide track vacancy detection or train detection with maximum uptime regardless of the density, speed or mix of traffic.

In dark territory, ease of installation and low maintenance make Frauscher systems the most practical solution for train detection. These benefits, combined with seamless integration with downstream systems, enable efficient and precise triggering of track side monitoring equipment on freight railroads.

Applications in rail yards facilitate a wide range of operations, including switch point protection, track determination, inventory management and speed management. Systems that combine the collection of information for secure monitoring with additional functions like speed measurement help reduce the time needed for shifting or shunting and can increase the efficiency of yards significantly.

Frauscher has flexible interfaces with interlockings, control systems and PLC’s to provide quick and easy solutions for yard modernization in a most cost-effective manner. And the installation of Frauscher wheel sensors via removable and easily-adjustable rail claws and pluggable cables are ideal for yard operations that demand frequent removal of track equipment.


Freight Railroads


The Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC features functional modularity, flexible scalability and an Ethernet-based interface that allows a wide range of configurations. The software interface enables the FAdC to be integrated effectively into higher-level systems offering great flexibility in terms of design and communications. System integrators and rail operators will benefit equally from significant advantages.


Our easily-integrated and highly reliable wheel sensors help maximize uptime and achieve cost-effective operation across a wide range of applications. The open interface eases implementation into new or existing systems, providing great flexibility to meet individual application requirements. The development and production of the entire sensor family RSR110 adheres to international standards to assure optimum operation under all conditions.