Passenger Railroads



Passenger Railroads

The operation of passenger railroads demands the ability to act with flexibility, because the same tracks are often used by freight lines as well. Therefore, the requirements of both railroad segments must be considered when designing new installations, or modernizing existing train detection systems.

Passenger railroads face challenges similar to mass transit in working to maintain timely and continuous operations. The headways may be longer for mass transit, but maximum uptime and reliability of all components of a train control system, even in adverse weather conditions, is equally essential to maintaining the operational efficiency of passenger railroads. Frauscher's product line addresses these challenges by providing world class solutions.

Frauscher wheel sensors and axle counters deliver high reliability, robust performance and remote diagnostics, providing assurance to passenger railroad operators that components on the track are working well, for safe operation. The ease of installation, simplicity of use and low maintenance requirements of our wheel sensors and axle counters contribute to operational cost savings. This is accomplished by minimizing mean time to repair, which postively effects availability and reduces long term life cycle costs. 

Frauscher can help passenger railroads address their specific challenges, regardless of whether there is mixed traffic, or varying speeds or density. This provides a combination of reliability and efficiency that delivers cost-effective solutions.


Passenger Railroads


The Frauscher Advanced Counter, FAdC features modularity, flexible scalability and Ethernet-based interface that allows for a wide range of configurations. The software interface enables the FAdC to be integrated into higher-level systems, offering greater flexibility in terms of design and communications. System integrators and rail operators benefit equally from these significant advantages.


Our easily-integrated and highly reliable wheel sensors help maximize uptime and achieve cost-effective operation across a wide range of applications. The open interface eases implementation into new or existing systems, providing the flexibility needed to meet individual application requirements. The development and production of the entire sensor family RSR110 adheres to international standards,  assuring optimum operation under all conditions.