Urban & Mass Transit



Urban & Mass Transit

The urban and mass transit industry has a number of special requirements, all connected to the challenge that a system must be able to handle extremely high train density 24/7. That places a particular emphasis on having maximum uptime and reliability of all components in a train control system. Because this type of railroad maintains frequent and continuous operation, often in difficult environmental conditions, reliable equipment is essential to sustain operational availability.

Availability is also impacted by maintenance considerations, in particular the meantime to repair. The less time required for maintenance the better, but especially in the case of corrective maintenance which can interfere with scheduled operations during the repair cycle. The ideal train control system should deliver dual benefits of maximum uptime and maximum cost-efficiency.

Frauscher products provide an excellent solution for this industry by combining high reliability with low maintenance requirements. The ability to easily mount and quickly demount the wheel sensors facilitates quick work whenever track maintenance is necessary.

An application within this segment that can be effectively supported by Frauscher axle counters is the configuration of a fallback level for CBTC systems, and grade crossings can also use this technology.


Urban & Mass Transit


The Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC features functional modularity, flexible scalability and an Ethernet-based interface that allows a wide range of configurations. The software interface enables the FAdC to be integrated effectively into higher-level systems offering great flexibility in terms of design and communications. System integrators and rail operators will benefit equally from significant advantages.


Our easily-integrated and highly reliable wheel sensors help maximize uptime and achieve cost-effective operation across a wide range of applications. The open interface eases implementation into new or existing systems, providing great flexibility to meet individual application requirements. The development and production of the entire sensor family RSR110 adheres to international standards to assure optimum operation under all conditions.