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Our solutions developed today will become tomorrow's industry benchmark, requiring less hardware to enable smooth, safe and efficient railroad operations.

Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH has been developing and manufacturing high-quality products in the field of inductive sensor technology since 1987. The main area of application of these products are the railroad signaling and train control systems that are responsible for the safety of rail operations. This results in the highest requirements regarding all stages of the product life cycle, from the design to subsequent provision of support for the products in the field.

A wide range of interfaces and evaluations open up a broad field of application for Frauscher products: axle counting applications in railroad stations and in the block sections between stations, level crossing protection, hot box detection systems, automatic track warning systems, switch points diagnostic systems, marshalling yards or positioning aids for loading and unloading devices.

Michael Thiel

“Focusing on our activities within the North American railroad business we have learned that there is big interest for using train detection solutions apart from track circuits. After the foundation of our own subsidiary we can now provide high quality service to customers who want to learn more about the wide range of applications they can realize by implementing Frauscher axle counters and wheel sensors. Therefore, as all Frauscher Subs, Frauscher USA will receive on-time support from the headquarters in Austria in order to be able to not only provide optimized, but also perfectly individualized solutions based on leading technology and ongoing developments.”

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Track more with less

Generating more relevant information with less effort

This is what the future of train tracking will look like. Frauscher Sensor Technology is all about making it easier for railroad operators in North America and around the world to obtain the information they need. And as our technological innovations continue to facilitate our customers’ work, we are always one step closer to the future.

Easier access to the rail information you need

From convenient approachability via committed consulting, effortless integration into existing systems, easier mounting up to the smooth and reliable operation, the fuss-free maintenance and the flexible extension of our systems, we believe in making access to your relevant information as easy as possible. Find out for yourself!

Facts & Figures

  • Foundation: 1987 by Josef Frauscher
  • Employees: 370 worldwide
  • Subsidiaries: 8 (Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Poland, UK, USA)
  • Representative offices: 3 (Kazakhstan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates)
  • Revenue: € 56,9 m
  • Exports: over 90% in more than 80 countries or regions
  • Annual production volume: about 17.000 wheel sensors