Frauscher US

With a product portfolio that has been customized for the North American market, we are able to meet the specific requirements of each application and provide customized solutions.

The North American railroad industry is unlike any other in the world. It faces its own unique challenges and, therefore, requires its own unique solutions. Frauscher Sensor Technology, a global pioneer in train detection, recently established a North American subsidiary specifically to help the industry face these challenges head on.

One of the primary challenges facing North American railroads is the struggle to retrieve vital information when and where it’s needed. Frauscher North America’s mission is to help railroaders generate more information with less effort with the ultimate goal of making railroading safer and more efficient.

Individual Solutions

We have already made our mark on each coast, optimizing a staging yard in Baltimore and modernizing a signaling system in Alaska.

Our product portfolio has been customized for the North American market, enabling us to meet the specific requirements of each application. Our product range boasts the scalability and flexibility to do even more.

From freight, passenger and mass transit railroads to yards, dark territory and crossings, our wheel sensors and axle counters can integrate with advanced technology solutions, such as Communication-based Train Control technology, to improve train detection and trigger track side equipment. The ease of installation and integration, flexible product design and low life cycle costs will fit seamlessly into the demands of the North American railroad industry.

Reliable Customer Service

Frauscher North America will continue to expand its technical and commercial teams to meet the evolving challenges of the industry. A new training center and enhanced field service support will provide the quality of customer care that Frauscher is known for throughout the world.

Our first priority is helping the customer. Everything else comes second. We pride ourselves on reliability, both with our products and our people. We deliver highly-available, user-friendly products within the timeframe they’re needed. In summary, we aim to help North American railroaders track more with less.