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Frauscher Projects & Solutions

Further Details

The information below provides more specific details on available Frauscher Solutions, as well as in depth case studies highlighting some of our completed projects. Please stop back periodically, as we will add new solutions and case studies. The information below can be used for your information and knowledge, as well as to provide ideas to formulate your own custom solutions that are always available. 

Solution Sheets

Crossover Protection
Grade Crossing Control Systems
Track Circuits vs Axle Counters
Switch Point Protection & Yard Automation
Class 1 Yard
Triggering Trackside Equipment

Case Studies

MTA Baltimore North Avenue Yard | RSR180 + FAdCi
Tracking Trains in Houston | RSR180 + FAdC
Class 1 Grade Crossing Enhancement | RSR180 + FAdC
Toronto Transit Comission
Edmonton Metro Line | RSR180 + FAdC