Case Study

Class 1 Grade Crossing Enhancement FAdC® and RSR180

Class 1 Grade Crossing Enhancement


Frauscher was approached by a US Class 1 Railroad regarding a grade crossing owned and operated by them, on a track crossing a public road. The location is highly susceptible to flooding at the approaches, causing the existing signaling system to shunt. This results in a false activation of the crossing gates and lights. Additional shunting issues that effect this crossing are related to poor ballast and track
conditions. The operator’s main goal was to find a signaling solution that would keep the crossing operational under any of these conditions. In addition, a design goal for the new system was that it would seamlessly integrate with the current crossing controller.


The Class 1’s staff conducted the design and engineering work for this trial project, upgrading the current system with the addition of the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC. The crossing was equipped with the FAdC and four Wheel Sensors RSR180. The wheel sensors were attached to the rail with the Frauscher rail claw SK140-002. The rail claw is quickly and easily installed onto the rail, without drilling, in approximately five minutes. The grade crossing operated error free during a one-month trial period, with the Frauscher axle counter running in shadow mode with the existing system. This error free trial solidified the operator’s confidence in the Frauscher system. Following the trial period, they cut over to the axle counter system, safeguarding the crossing and traveling public. This location is the first public grade crossing to utilize Frauscher axle counters on a Class 1 railroad track in North America. 

Class 1 Grade Crossing

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