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Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto Transit Commission


The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Line 1 Yonge- University is Toronto’s longest subway line, with track circuits utilized for signaling. Over the years, the number of daily passengers has greatly increased, and as the system aged the need for upgrading became readily apparent. A requirement of TTC was that the upgrade activity must not interfere with the operation of this busy commuter line, and that the new signaling system must function independently of the existing system. It would provide CBTC fallback functionalities, and work as an overlay to the current track circuit-based system.


Frauscher entered into discussions with TTC to consider the benefits of Frauscher axle counters for this application. The transit needed to gain experience and further knowledge as to how the product would perform, so Frauscher offered a test trial for TTC to assess compatibility with their existing system. The trial also allowed them to test performance under conditions typical for the area, such as cold temperatures, ice, snow and road salting. Frauscher installed two RSR180 Wheel Sensors to work with the ACS2000 Axle Counter. Although the scope of the test was small, TTC was able to experience how quickly and easily the system could be installed, answering their requirement that operations not be affected due to installation. During the trial period of more than a year, there were zero miscounts recorded.

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