High Safety

All of our production processes comply with CENELEC standards, ensuring process quality of the highest caliber. This allows systems to comply with essential safety regulations up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4, which is the highest degree of confidence required to meet specified safety functions. Additionally, our wheel sensors undergo continuous improvements using insights gained from use in more than 70 countries around the world.

CENELEC Standards

Highly available wheel sensors and reliable evaluation boards require optimum interaction between mechanical and electronic components. Many years of experience using a wide range of materials and processes form the basis for maximum safety. All of Frauscher’s production processes therefore comply with CENELEC standards. This enables systems to comply with essential safety regulations up to SIL 4 when in operation.

SIL Level 1-4

Safety integrity is the ability of a safety-related system to achieve its required safety functions under all the stated conditions within a stated operational environment and within a stated period of time. The SIL provides a number that indicates the required degree of confidence that a system will meet its specified safety functions with respect to systematic failures. (CENELEC 50129)

Successfully used in over 70 countries

Frauscher products can be found in use in more than 70 countries all over the world. The highest level of quality and flexibility enable the implementation of highly reliable safety-relevant applications in accordance with the approval regulations of individual countries.

  • Experience with a wide variety of systems, rail market segments and infrastructures
  • Professional approach to different operational requirements
  • Recognition and management of technical challenges
    • Temperatures
    • Extremely high vibration levels
    • Electromagnetic interference
    • Flooding