Low Life Cycle Costs

Our wheel sensors are mounted using rail claws, which allows for more flexible and cost-effective installation. Both vignole and grooved rail claws offer precise mounting without drilling or special tools. These claws can be aligned vertically or horizontally from a remote location and they maintain their position once recalibrated, allowing for optimum sensor position and performance.

Wheel sensors typically work at 24 volts, but support 48- or 60-volt systems, resulting in lower power consumption. Additionally, our axle counters are capable of serving unlimited lengths of block sections.

The low maintenance needs also contribute to low life cycle costs.

Fewer Investment Costs

The Frauscher Advanced Counter (FAdC) is the latest generation of axle counting systems based on a serial interface. Thanks to this open communication interface, the system can be seamlessly integrated into the signaling system using only a small number of components. The FAdC system, therefore, offers a range of benefits, including improved functionality, less required space and reduced investment and operating costs. When using the FAdC with a software interface, up to 35 percent of the project costs for train detection systems can be saved, compared with conventional axle counting systems with relay interface.

Flexible Design

The simple design of the FAdC ensures a wide range of configuration options. It is possible to establish both centralized and decentralized architectures, as well as various combinations.

  • Optimized for open networks: DSL or radio communication through public or railway operators represents an interesting alternative to a system having its own cable networks along the train line and the significant costs and servicing this entails.
  • Additional functions can be integrated: In addition to train detection, a great deal of supplemental information is available to optimize operation. These functions can be integrated into the axle counting logic and do not require any external control.

Unlimited Length of Block Sections

Our axle counters can serve unlimited lengths of block sections. These sections are formed by mounting two sensors to the rail. Evaluation equipment is then able to communicate through open networks over long distances and from remote areas.

Low Power Consumption

Our wheel sensors work on a standard 24 volts but also support 48- or 60-volt systems. Therefore, various fallback systems for power supply can be used with axle counters.

Low Maintenance

The Frauscher Diagnostic System (FDS) helps minimize track maintenance by identifying faults in advance and preventing their occurrence. It also enables cost-effective spare parts management, which reduces the space required to house parts, and provides timely track status updates that allow for proactive maintenance planning.