Uptime and Reliability

Our wheel sensors are unaffected by extreme environmental conditions, resistant to electromagnetic vulnerability, impervious to track return current, independent of ballast resistance and CENELEC compliant. Also, Frauscher axle counters retain high uptime through a variety of features, such as flexible redundancy options and intelligent functions, to increase the system’s fault tolerance without affecting the safety-relevant operation mode.

Robust and Reliable Wheel Sensors

The main task of our wheel sensors is to provide a reliable means of recording rolling axles under all climatic, technical and operational conditions. The high-availability sensors undergo continuous improvements using insights gained from use in more than 70 countries around the world.

Unaffected by:

  • Extreme environmental conditions
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Track return current
  • Ballast resistance

Innovative Fault Tolerant Functions

Functions to increase the fault tolerance of a system offer the possibility of significantly raising the availability of the complete system without duplicating individual components. This results in a cost effective alternative to implementing costly redundancy strategies. The Supervisory Track Section and Counting Head Control functions enable Frauscher to provide its customers with innovative solutions to further increase the availability of its axle counters.

Counting Head Control (CHC)

The Counting Head Control principle (CHC) is used for fundamental avoidance of errors caused by unavoidable influences. When used correctly, the patented functionality satisfies the requirements in line with SIL 4.

If the adjacent track sections are clear, the counting head is switched to a stand-by mode. In this idle state, a freely configurable number of undesirable instances of damping, caused by e.g. tools, trolleys etc. can be suppressed. This means that no fault or occupied indication is generated by a short-term influence; no reset is required. Approaching vehicles switch off the stand-by mode, meaning that they are detected and the occupied indication is output in a fail-safe manner.

Preventative Maintenance Tools

Comprehensive diagnostic options can make a vital contribution toward increasing the availability of a system. If trend analyses are evaluated and regular service diagnoses are used to schedule maintenance work, system failures can be cut through preventative measures.