Triggering Track Side Equipment

Trigger and operate a wide range of track side equipment with reliable wheel sensors that provide precise data of wheel center, speed, direction and more

Reliable and safe triggering of track side equipment for efficient asset management assumes the accurate collection of information about traversing axles, speed, direction, wheel diameter, wheel center position and more. Frauscher has developed a portfolio of products to enable the precise provision of appropriate data for applications on all kind of railroads. This makes it possible to accurately trigger and effectively operate a wide range of track side equipment to improve safety, reduce costs and better manage railroad operations.

Today Frauscher products are in use in more than 70 countries worldwide. Various projects throughout North America have achieved a range of benefits by using modern wheel sensors for specific applications.

And recognizing the importance of maintaining uptime in all track side equipment applications, all wheel sensors of the RSR110 family are produced in adherence to international standards to assure optimum operation under all conditions, such as extreme temperatures, vibrations or electromagnetic interference.

Frauscher has also designed its products with an open interface to readily integrate into any customer’s operation. This interface, along with full documentation, gives the customer full control for easy integration into their downstream systems. The open interface, simple installation process, ease of calibration, low maintenance needs and available technical support are added advantages to the precision and reliability of Frauscher wheel sensors in triggering track side equipment.


AEI Card Reader

Effective operation of automated marshalling yards and billing systems requires extremely reliable and precise detection and assignment of all vehicles. To accomplish this, Frauscher wheel sensors can easily be incorporated in an automated equipment identification (AEI) system to reliably trigger the optical system to read identification tags. Our wheel center detection ensures triggering is exact for the optical reading. Our open interface, engineering support and thorough documentation all facilitate efficient system integration.


  • Exact triggering for the optical reader
  • Open interface and technical support
  • Ease of sensor installation and calibration

Vision Monitoring

Vision monitoring systems deploy sophisticated cameras mounted track side to inspect the condition of vital train components such as brakes shoes, springs, wheels or other parts of rolling stock. Triggering the image capture must be extremely precise, which makes Frauscher wheel sensors an ideal solution. The system architecture of each sensor pinpoints wheel center detection, which triggers instant execution on a very small scale. Speed and direction data can also be communicated. Our robust wheel sensors are designed to operate in all weather conditions, are highly resistant to electromagnetic interference and have low maintenance requirements.


  • Extremely precise wheel center detection
  • Resists electromagnetic interference
  • Low maintenance needs

Hot Box Detection

Hot box, or hot bearing detectors, can determine if a bearing reaches maximum temperature for safe travel and identify it as a defect if that happens. Frauscher wheel sensors provide highly reliable triggering for hot box detection, even under extreme environmental conditions. They even enable the precise detection of the axle that is affected. Since hot bearings can quickly damage an axle, reliable triggering for every wheel pass is vital so no defective bearings are missed. This is especially important in the case of high-performance tracks or high speed areas, where prompt and accurate detection contributes to safe operation as well as identification of maintenance issues.


  • Reliable wheel detection
  • Triggering every wheel pass
  • Fast and easy installation

Wheel Flat Detection

Because wheel flats cause rail damage as well as irregular wear of the wheel itself, precise and early detection is an important task for track operators, and to effectively maintain rolling stock. Railroads can employ highly reliable Frauscher wheel sensors to trigger the appropriate monitoring systems. The analysis of the analog wheel sensor signal can be used as a basis for recording and calculating wheel diameters, enabling detection of wheel flats at an early stage to minimize wear and maintenance costs. Frauscher wheel sensors are easy to install and have low maintenance needs, making them an excellent cost-effective fit for this type of service.


  • Highly reliable activation
  • Enables early detection of wear
  • Low maintenance needs


Tracks with heavy traffic throughout North America experience a huge amount of wear. To combat this, track lubrication systems are deployed to reduce wear on wheels and rails by reducing friction, which also reduces energy consumption and noise. Frauscher wheel sensors can easily be connected to trigger a lubrication system, and work reliably and accurately in a wide range of speeds from 0+ to more than 270 mph. The lubrication amount and frequency can be optimized using axle counting information, which reduces consumption and aids environmental protection. With long life and low maintenance needs, Frauscher wheel sensors also contribute to low life cycle cost in operation.


  • Precise triggering of lubricant
  • Timing and frequency control
  • Accurate performance at all speeds

Warning System

Keep maintenance staff safe with a timely, reliable and mobile warning system. Frauscher wheel sensors can be used to activate optical and acoustic signals as a train nears a construction site, allowing personnel time to leave the danger area. Based on open interfaces, communication to the central warning system can be established by either radio or cable. With ease of installation and dismount, Frauscher wheel sensors contribute to the mobility of these warning systems, and their low power consumption provides additional advantages in terms of cost and reliable operation in remote locations.


  • Highly reliable detection
  • Easy mounting and system mobility
  • Low power consumption
Triggering TRack side Equipment


Triggering TRack Side Equipment


Wheel Sensors - RSR110

Our easily integrated and highly reliable wheel sensors help maximize uptime and achieve cost effective operation across a wide range of applications. The open interface eases implementation into new or existing systems, providing the flexibility needed to meet individual application requirements. The development and production of the entire sensor family RSR110 adheres to international standards, assuring optimum operation under all conditions.

The patented Frauscher rail claw, plug‑in connector cable, and automated adjustment procedure significantly reduce the effort required for assembly, disassembly or changing the location of a sensor. This provides significant savings, in terms of money as well as time.