Axle Counters

Benefits for operators

The innovative Frauscher axle counting systems FAdC and FAdCi offer a series of interesting and special benefits for operators. These include:

  • Supervisor Track Section (STS)
  • Counting Head Control (CHC)
  • Optimum resistance to faults without fully redundant design
  • Reset management
  • Cost-effective spare parts management
  • Low life cycle costs due to preventative maintenance
  • Cost-effective solution for less stringent operational requirements (FAdCi only)

Supervisor Track Section (STS)

The intelligent Supervisor Track Section (STS) process tolerates unavoidable operational interference completely automatically. Of course, the general conditions for reset are taken into account here. This means that availability can be further optimized without any negative impact on safety.

Two supervisor sections are assigned to each track section. One supervisor section evaluates two track sections. A track section is automatically reset if it has an error and one of the two assigned supervisor sections is clear at the same time. The supervisor section is treated like a regular track section. If the two assigned track sections are clear, the supervisor is also reset.

Using STS, faults within fault-prone sections or detection points can be corrected automatically. In addition, the resistance to faults can be increased further on busy lines.

Counting Head Control (CHC)

The Counting Head Control (CHC) principle is used to avoid error messages caused by unavoidable influences. To achieve this, CHC uses multiple sensors in combination. If the adjacent track sections are clear, the counting heads are switched to a stand-by mode. In this idle state, a user-configurable number of non-permitted dampings, for example by tools, trolleys, etc., can be suppressed.

This means that no occupied indication is generated, neither is any reset necessary.

Approaching vehicles switch off the stand-by mode, the occupancy status is safely detected and output. This further increases the availability of the axle counting system.

Optimum resistance to faults without fully redundant design

To supplement the benefits provided by the STS and CHC concepts, there is the option of further increasing the resistance to faults of our axle counting systems, using a redundant design. Instead of the complete system, only individual components are duplicated here.

Consequently, the additional expense is extremely low. It is only necessary to make adaptations to the indoor equipment. The duplication of certain components enables the redundant design of the functions associated with them:

  • COM boards for redundant communication
  • PSC boards for power supply

Based on the synchronization of both COM boards via a hotlink, the network is duplicated and the interlocking connection is optimized. It is not necessary to mount any additional sensors on the track itself.

Reset management

Reset management offers numerous reset procedures to choose from. These can be selected and combined as wished directly from the interlocking, in line with current and individual requirements. Irrespective of the reset selected, our axle counting systems are in constant contact with the interlocking and provide information on:

  • Reset capability: Is a reset possible in principle?
  • Execution: Has the reset been executed correctly?

 In the event of a loss of communication, there is the option of carrying out a reset or restoring the last valid status.

Cost-effective spare parts management

Due to the modular design, only one variant of each component is required in our axle counting systems, irrespective of the:

  • Application
  • Segment
  • Type of information required
  • Wheel sensor
  • Power supply

This enables cost-effective spare parts management, as well as reducing the space required and the proportion of capital that is tied up.

Low life cycle costs due to preventative maintenance

The Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS enables easy maintenance of the whole axle counting system FAdC or FAdCi. This means that additional maintenance work can be avoided through preventative measures.

  • Unrestricted online access to the data from the axle counting system
  • Fast and efficient troubleshooting
  • Extensive diagnostic and statistical data
  • Simple data management and archiving
  • Connection to customer-specific diagnostic management systems via XML interface

Cost-effective solution for less stringent operational requirements

The FAdCi offers the full range of functions found in the innovative axle counting system Frauscher Advanced Counter, but adapted accordingly to satisfy less stringent requirements.

It complies with all requirements pursuant to CENELC SIL 3 and is designed for operation up to a maximum speed of 50 mph. This makes the FAdCi system the perfect solution to complex signaling requirements for:

  • Industrial lines
  • Shunting and marshalling yards
  • Public transportation networks