Axle Counters

Benefits for system integrators

The innovative Frauscher axle counting systems FAdC and FAdCi offer a series of interesting and special benefits for operators. These include:

  • Up to 35% saving
  • Easy and flexible configuration
  • Flexible architectures
  • Simplified project management
  • Cost-effective solution for less stringent operational requirements (FAdCi only)

Up to 35% saving

When using the FAdC or the FAdCi with a software interface, up to 35% of the project costs for train detection systems can be saved, compared with conventional axle counting systems with relay interface.

The potential for savings on customers’ internal expenses is considerably higher than the cost reduction in purchasing the axle counting system.

The more complex a system, the higher the savings effects with regard to:

  • Investment costs
  • Project design and commissioning expenses
  • Required space

Easy and flexible configuration

The configuration of the FAdC and FAdCi takes place using an open, universal format. This can be incorporated into the system integrator's own project design environment easily and flexibly.

Following an appropriate briefing and mutual establishment of the key parameters, the system integrator is able to carry out configuration, commissioning and maintenance independently.

In addition, the Frauscher Design Environment FDE offers a range of tools and services for this purpose:

  • Frauscher Configuration Tool FCT (configuration support)
  • Templates reduce the complexity (3-stage model)
  • Parameters can be defined individually
  • All known project design guidelines can be implemented
  • Advanced Service Display ASD (for commissioning)
  • Advanced Checksum Calculator ACC (for verification of the configuration)

Flexible architectures

The simple design of Frauscher axle counters ensures a wide range of configuration options. It is possible to establish both centralized and decentralized architectures, as well as various combinations. 

DSL or radio communication via the networks of public operators or railway operators represents an interesting alternative to a system having its own cable networks along the train line and the significant costs and servicing this entails. All the parameters such as modem delays, delay periods and time-outs can be set quickly and easily using the FAdC or FAdCi software.

Besides train detection, a great deal of additional information is available to optimize operation. These functions can be integrated into the axle counting logic and do not require any external control.

  • Optimization of processes at the yard (number of wagons per track)
  • Scheduling of wagons

Simplified project management

  • Project-specific adaptation of the complete axle counting system
    • Can be fully integrated into the interlocking configuration process
    • Reduced outlay during implementation
  • Realization of all applications required on the basis of standard components
    • Option of ordering all hardware components at an earlier stage of the project
    • All standard components available within two weeks
  • It is easy for the system integrator to make short-term changes to the configuration independently, without significant additional costs

Cost-effective solution for less stringent operational requirements

The FAdCi offers the full range of functions found in the innovative axle counting system Frauscher Advanced Counter, but adapted accordingly to satisfy less stringent requirements.

It complies with all requirements pursuant to CENELC SIL 3 and is designed for operation up to a maximum speed of 50 mph. This makes the FAdCi system the perfect solution to complex signaling requirements for:

  • Industrial lines
  • Shunting and marshalling yards
  • Public transportation networks