Industrial Railroads

Robust and cost-effective solutions for less stringet safety requirements

The industrial railroad segment has very specific needs and functional requirements that are central to the successful operation of their business. With trains in transit to a particular industry from all over the country, advance notification of the expected arrival time is quite beneficial. Because there are costs associated with stand-by times for equipment used in loading or unloading, a tracking system that enables the precise estimation of arrival time (ETA) for each train is very valuable.

While each type of industry has its own unique requirements for loading or unloading at its docks or stations, all of them demand extremely precise positioning of the rail cars. When AEI card readers, vision monitoring or similar systems are in use, the reliability and accuracy of the components for triggering these technologies is essential to operations.

The ability to quickly mount and demount trackside equipment is also very important on industrial lines. Frauscher wheel sensors provide all the key benefits needed by industrial railroads, serving a wide range of operations including mining, industrial plants and ports. Pre-adjusted rail claws and detachable cables can ease work significantly and additionally shorten the time that the staff has to spend in hazardous areas.

In addition to operating with precision and reliability, Frauscher axle counters also provide crucial advantages regarding maintenance. The Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS enables both preventative and corrective maintenance which contributes to help keep life cycle costs to a minimum.

Industrial Railroads


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Axle Counters - FAdC 

The Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC features functional modularity, flexible scalability and an Ethernet-based interface that allows a wide range of configurations. The software interface enables the FAdC to be integrated effectively into higher-level systems offering greater flexibility in terms of design and communications. System integrators and rail operators will benefit equally from these significant advantages.

The Frauscher Safe Ethernet (FSE) protocol empowers the operator to independently integrate the solution. It is easy and has simple logic. It eliminates proprietary software that is prohibitive in implementation efforts and costs. Frauscher provides training and complete support.

Wheel Sensors - RSR110

Our easily integrated and highly reliable wheel sensors help maximize uptime and achieve cost effective operation across a wide range of applications. The open interface eases implementation into new or existing systems, providing the flexibility needed to meet individual application requirements. The development and production of the entire sensor family RSR110 adheres to international standards, assuring optimum operation under all conditions.

The patented Frauscher rail claw, plug‑in connector cable, and automated adjustment procedure significantly reduce the effort required for assembly, disassembly or changing the location of a sensor. This provides significant savings, in terms of money as well as time.

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