Case Study

Tracking Trains in Houston

Learn how Frauscher Axle Counters and Wheel Sensors minimized system downtime at Houston METRORail and allowed a smooth transition from the original problematic train detection system.

Tracking Trains in Houston


Houston METRORail is a three line light rail system. Two-car trainsets are powered by overhead catenary and operated at-grade along a mix of embedded, concrete, and ballasted track. Both the track structure and intense environmental conditions challenge outdoor railroad equipment. Wheel detection systems and axle counters that detect track occupancy are no exception.


After two successful trials, Houston decided to install the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC in 103 locations throughout their network. In total, 565 of Frauschers’ robust Wheel Sensor RSR180 were installed. These sensors work reliably under extreme conditions.

Tracking Trains in Houston 


Replacing the existing system with Frauscher axle counters met all of Houston METRO’s requirements and delivered additional benefits. The design and flexibility of the products allowed fast and efficient installation and commissioning, with a minimal impact on operations. The ruggedness and resilience of the Frauscher wheel sensors against various influences ensures high reliability of the outdoor equipment. Smart functionalities maximize their availability. In addition, Frauscher installed the Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS, which monitors the performance of the axle counter system, allowing for straightforward maintenance and troubleshooting.


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Facts & Figures

  • Operator: Houston METRO
  • Partner: MEC Mass Electric Corp.
  • Scope of supply: 2 trial installations, measurements, installation, commissioning support, remote diagnostics
  • Scope of project: 565 Wheel Sensors, 103 equipment locations
  • Axle counter: FAdCi
  • Wheel sensor: RSR180