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For over 30 years, Frauscher has been forging new and innovative paths in the global railway industry. Our mission: to generate more relevant information with less effort. Take an exciting journey through the world of Frauscher Sensor Technology ...

Frauscher Sensor Technology

frauscher sensor technology



Passenger Railroads


Axle Counters - FAdC 

The Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC features functional modularity, flexible scalability and an Ethernet-based interface that allows a wide range of configurations. The software interface enables the FAdC to be integrated effectively into higher-level systems offering greater flexibility in terms of design and communications. System integrators and rail operators will benefit equally from these significant advantages.

The Frauscher Safe Ethernet (FSE) protocol empowers the operator to independently integrate the solution. It is easy and has simple logic. It eliminates proprietary software that is prohibitive in implementation efforts and costs. Frauscher provides training and complete support.

Wheel Sensors - RSR110

Our easily integrated and highly reliable wheel sensors help maximize uptime and achieve cost effective operation across a wide range of applications. The open interface eases implementation into new or existing systems, providing the flexibility needed to meet individual application requirements. The development and production of the entire sensor family RSR110 adheres to international standards, assuring optimum operation under all conditions.

The patented Frauscher rail claw, plug‑in connector cable, and automated adjustment procedure significantly reduce the effort required for assembly, disassembly or changing the location of a sensor. This provides significant savings, in terms of money as well as time.

Track more with less

As a leader in wheel detection and axle counting technology for the railroad industry, Frauscher Sensor Technology's focus is on making it easier for rail operators and system integrators in North America and around the world to obtain the information they need. Providing continuous safe and reliable train detection is achieved via constant innovation, producing premium quality products, and by providing an above-average level of customer service and focus. These characteristics make up the core of our mission statement.

The complete spectrum of our services includes individual application and project design, as well as installation and commissioning support. A comprehensive training program enables operators of wheel detection and axle counting systems to install them independently, and operate them successfully over the long-term. Operators are also trained in system maintenance and configuration, allowing for maximum independence and minimal life cycle costs. In addition to our stellar user training, an expert support staff is always available.