Resolving Wheel Detection Challenges

Why consider wheel detection that provides high reliability?

Because at some point, your system’s reliability has or will be affected by these common conditions:

  • Flooding, snow, and ice
  • Accumulation of leaves or debris on tracks
  • Excessive road salting
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Rusty rails or other deteriorated conditions 

How do axle counters maintain high reliability?

Robust Frauscher axle counting systems solve issues resulting from harsh environmental conditions, deteriorated track and ballast conditions, electromagnetic interference and other common situations that can negatively impact conventional systems. Consistent high reliability is proven in a wide range of applications:

What are the components of a Frauscher axle counting system?

Frauscher axle counting systems are simple in concept, installation and maintenance, while complex in the benefits they provide. Customized solutions are our specialty, so we can work with you to upgrade or replace current technology, or to explore new applications.