Frauscher Wheel Sensors

Wheel Sensor RSR110

The Wheel Sensor RSR110 offers a cost effective solution for non vital applications. They can function as a standalone system for applications such as triggering trackside equipment, or as part of a system such as one that provides non-vital switch point protection in a yard. The RSR110 is easily integrated into existing electronic systems via an open analog interface. Digital output is also available.

The high availability and robust nature of the RSR110 offers operators reliable wheel detection at a more economical price. Easy installation, minimal maintenance and low lifecycle costs  contribute to overall savings. 


Applications with RSR110

Our RSR110 is perfectly suited to handle non-vital applications for triggering trackside equipment. 

  • Vision monitoring systems
  • Wheel impact load detection
  • Non-vital speed measurement
  • Hot box detectors
  • Trackside lubricators
  • AEI readers


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Benefits of Our Wheel Sensor RSR110: 

Robust, highly available and reliable

  • Not impacted by environmental conditions such as flooding, snow, ice, or severe temperatures 
  • Impervious to ballast and track conditions including rusty rails, leaf accumulation, road salting and debris
  • Quick and easy installation, using the Frauscher rail claw to attach the wheel sensor to the rail in five minutes, without drilling
  • Installation is further eased due to the pluggable cable feature 
  • Designed for wheel detection from 0 to 280 mph (0 to 450 kph) with true zero speed capability
  • Resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Remote calibration capabilities
  • Minimal maintenance requirements 
  • Minimal space requirements, no changes to track layout required
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