Frauscher Wheel Sensors

Wheel Sensor RSR180

Frauscher Wheel Sensors RSR180, along with the Advanced Evaluation Boards AEB or IMC, have a CENELEC SIL 4 safety rating and provide vital and fail safe wheel detection. The RSR180 includes all of the features and benefits of Frauscher wheel sensors and is ideal for applications that require the additional safety of a vital system. 

The safety and vitality offered by the RSR180, combined with higher uptime and availability compared to traditional signaling systems, are just a few of the reasons for the widespread global use of the RSR180.

Applications with RSR180

The RSR180 can be used in conjunction with the Advanced Evaluation Board AEB for vital applications such as:

Grade Crossing Warning Systems

Frauscher axle counting systems utilizing Wheel Sensors RSR180 provide a wide range of highly reliable solutions for grade crossing warning systems. Dust and waterproof sensors ensure safety and high availability, as they do not experience shunting issues that occur with track circuits. Frauscher systems integrate in a vital manner to any existing crossing controller, via relay or Ethernet. The system can either fully replace track circuits, or function as an overlay to increase safety at grade crossings.


Robust, highly available and reliable

  • Not impacted by environmental conditions such as flooding, snow, ice, or severe temperatures 
  • Impervious to ballast and track conditions including rusty rails, leaf accumulation, road salting and debris
  • Ability to detect train speeds from 0 to 280 mph (0 to 450 kph), with true zero speed capability
  • Quick and easy installation, using the Frauscher rail claw to attach the wheel sensor to the rail in five minutes without drilling
  • Resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Minimal maintenance requirements 
  • Minimal space requirements, no changes to track layout is required
  • Remote diagnostic capabilities

Mounting of RSR180

Frauscher rail claws and pluggable connection cable enable quick and simple mounting and unmounting of wheel sensors. This reduces worker time on track, increasing efficiency and safety. 

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