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About Frauscher USA

More than 35 years of experience

Frauscher Sensor Technology was established in 1987 in St. Marienkirchen, Austria. In many parts of the world Frauscher is considered a leader in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge wheel sensors and axle counting technology, with a strong reputation for providing high quality products and outstanding customer service. Skilled engineering assistance from system design to troubleshooting is available to customers as needed. 

In 2015, Frauscher Sensor Technology USA was established in Princeton, New Jersey to introduce our products and technology to the North American marketplace. As our business grew, the importance of having product available locally became apparent. Frauscher established a full-service warehouse in Cranbury, NJ in 2018, providing quick turnaround within North America of all of Frauscher products. 

Services we offer

Railroad technology experts at Frauscher

The needs of our customers serve as a guide for us. Project specific requirements are fulfilled by providing tailor made solutions that can be designed and planned together.

Our services include:

  • Support for the project design process and system configuration as needed
  • Technical support for installation, commissioning and site support, as required
  • Detailed technical training is available to enable railroad personnel to independently monitor, operate and maintain their systems.
  • Product qualifications via trial installations
Problems we solve

Customized solutions through innovative systems

The sales and engineering teams at Frauscher US actively work on projects and installations with operators throughout the US and Canada in all categories – freight (Class I, II and III), passenger (transits, metro, LRT and commuter), short lines, industrial lines and OEMs.

Our products provide the flexibility to meet the individual requirements of each application, with the ability to seamlessly integrate with various advanced and conventional technologies.

Frauscher systems offer ease of integration and installation, flexible design, and products with low life-cycle and maintenance costs. Our state-of-the-art technology and extensive technical training help our customers to develop better and safer solutions for a broad range of applications. 


Our solutions:

EXECUTIVe Director

Michael Parzer

Since 2015, Frauscher USA has made significant progress changing the North American rail market’s perception of wheel sensors and axle counters. Innovative solutions backed by highly reliable and quality products has led to increased acceptance of our technology. We can proudly state that Frauscher wheel sensors have been installed in every Class I Railroad in North America, and successful projects have been completed for major transits, short lines, LRTs, and Class II and Class III railroads. These applications include grade crossings, yard automation and switch point protection, primary train detection, CBTC secondary systems and more. We are excited to be a growing part of the North American rail landscape, expanding the industry’s knowledge of our axle counting technology that has been the gold standard in much of the world for over three decades.